This is Me

"Middle-aged Version" This is me.  It’s always good to be able to put a face with a name (or at least a pseudonym) so here it is. This is the shell, the mold, the pinata filled with flavorless candy.  Please swing the stick gently.

This man in this picture used to have hair, but he started shaving his head the second he realized that it was falling out.  A master of his own destiny. I CHOOSE to be bald, damn it!

This man wears glasses but hates it.  He’s too cheap for lazer surgery and too impatient to wear contacts everyday.  Picture this man with a pair of old-school-high-school-gym-teacher frames from the 1950s and you’ll be up to speed.

This man took this picture of himself because he was told he needed a head shot for an audition that same day (after 12 years of retirement from acting) and his wife, who majored in photography at art school, wasn’t home to take it for him.

The man in this picture is growing increasingly uncomfortable with how old he is starting to look. He never really thought it would bother him, the whole aging thing.  But now here it is and every gray whisker in the beard is another reminder to him that his best days may be behind him.  It doesn’t depress him necessarily, but takes scrapes a little icing of the big sweet cake of everyday.